Before/After Resume Example for 2013

What’s all the fuss about resumes these days?

No doubt, resumes have changed dramatically, just over the last 5 years alone.

So, why all the improvements to something so seemingly simple in purpose?

Here are a few examples of what’s changed:

First, talent management systems (TMS) have entered the hiring process.

Think of TMSs as nothing more than a search engine within the hiring world. TMSs aren’t necessarily a new technology for hiring managers and recruiters. In fact, it’s been said that many of the modern-day systems were based off of’s old platform, the Resumix. Yeah! There’s a blast from the past for many of us.

What you need to know now is that resumes (candidates) are being searched for using a string of boolean search keywords. To learn more about how these strings work, simply visit “How to Remedy These 6 Resume Blemishes” and skip down to #6 on the list.

Second, graphic design is creeping into resumes — thank GOD!
Take a look at this before and after resume example. The top resume was created in 2007, while the second resume (for the same client) was created in 2012. Huge visual difference, right?
















Third, one of the other major changes you’ll notice that resumes are now given some SKIM FACTOR. At quick glance, any reader can immediately see what this candidate is targeting as get some brief overview as to what makes this Vice President of Customer Care stand out. Although talent management systems are important to today’s hiring process, there are still people at the helm reviewing resumes so catering to both people and computer systems are important.

Fourth, there is a bit of controversy amongst resume readers as to whether a resume should be heavy, light, or somewhere in the middle. Of course, this goes hand-in-hand with the age-old question of whether a resume should be one page or two. =] Overall, how “meaty” a resume ultimately depends on the depth and broadness of each individual’s career. For example, a new grad’s resume probably wouldn’t look anything like the above resume for a Vice President.

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